Healing Presence Intuitive Studies 2016 Training

There are 4 themes that make up the Series; Intuition and Presence – Process of Transformation – Consciousness in Healing – The Intuitive Pathway. Four hours of Clinic time are included as well.

This intuition-based training supports participants to discover exciting ways of accessing deep presence and energetic awareness in their bodywork. By learning about the subtle anatomy and gaining tools for listening and responding to the signals of intuition, students can address transformation and subtle energy processes in themselves and their clients.

As a personal and professional journey, the training offers opportunities for introspective study and deep reflection. Working together as a group also offers a supportive environment in which intuition may be explored and trusted. Beginning, intermediate, and advanced coursework combine to create the 100-hour certification.

Instructor: Cathy Black, M.A. began working with healing, massage, and meditation in 1980. She has worked with individuals and groups in Intuitive Massage and Intuitive Healing, including the Healing Quality of Touch. She is a minister in the Unity of All Life, and she graduated with a Master’s degree in Intuitive Healing and Facilitation from Lesley University. Cathy is co-owner of the Santa Fe School of Massage and currently focuses her practice and teaching on cultivating healing presence and subtle energy awareness.