August 1, 2020

Dear friends,

The Santa Fe School of Massage is closed due to the pandemic. It has been an incredible honor and responsibility to steward a 41-year old school that has been such a central and vibrant part of the healing arts educational world. During the pandemic it has been even more of a responsibility and challenge. We were blessed to have been able to graduate our students on March 12, just as the state shut down. Since then, we have not re-started our programs.

The times now are too uncertain, so we are taking a deep breath and a spacious pause. We are putting all of our classes on hold and will not be offering a massage program. We have vacated our Siler Road facility. Cathy and Keith have the beautiful TaoSatva studio in Taos, and there is a possibility some CE classes may be held there in 2021.

It has been a deep honor for all of us to be part of the school, and it has taught us so much. We honor Dr. Jay Scherer our founder, our staff and graduates over the past 41 years, our Continuing Education instructors and students, clinic clients and friends. We have such deep gratitude for you all.

The spirit of the school lives on in the hearts of those who have been through our doors, and have been touched by our grads. It is our hope that SFSOM will find its way into the world again when the time is right.

We send our love to all of you. Please take care of yourselves and one another!

Cathy Black and Keith Spear, Owners
and Lonnie Howard, Director

For 40 years we have been providing exceptional Massage and Bodywork Education with Heart!

Santa Fe School of Massage provides a path to a new career in massage therapy and an invitation to a new way of life. Join us in the enchanting land of New Mexico, and explore the benefits of holistic healing, nurturing and deep tissue massage, energy therapy and more, at our approved massage school. Learn how to become a massage therapist or take an advanced training by visiting our course pages, viewing our videos, or coming to a convenient open house. Take your next step!

“The Santa Fe School of Massage completely changed the trajectory of my life in every positive way. I’ve been in practice 20 years now and have been able to touch so many people. The ripple effect begins here.”
– Brendan T. Casey DC, ATC, LMT  1999 graduate