ETHICS: The Complex Client: Bodywork in the Context of Traumatic Brain Injury, Mental Illness, and Addiction

This class will explore some of the potentially confusing aspects of working with clients who suffer from addictions, mental illness, and brain injury. This is a population who can really benefit from bodywork, but who also may have strong internal barriers to receiving the benefits.  Compassion, healthy boundaries, and self-awareness are key in working with this group of people. We will discuss our experiences, how we handled them, and offer compassionate coping strategies that will not only protect the client but also you, the practitioner.

EllenSEllen Santistevan is a Licensed Massage Therapist who practices both craniosacral therapy and polarity therapy. She is an independent instructor of ethics, polarity therapy, and reflexology in Albuquerque, NM, who believes strongly in the power of ritual and ceremony in doing healing work, and has additional experience in geriatric work, traditional medicine, visionary and shamanic practice. In addition, Ellen is an occasionally award-winning painter and published poet. Her practice integrates elements of all these bodies of knowledge as well as the most current research on wellness. You can find out more about her at

ETHICS: The Complex Client 7/29/2017
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