Why Choose Santa Fe School of Massage?


10 Great Reasons to Choose
Santa Fe School of Massage


  • Great location:  Santa Fe is an amazing, energetically charged place to transform your career and your life.  Clean air, lots of sunshine and blue skies.
  • Longevity:  We have 38 years of experience! We know how to support your success.
  • Quality faculty and staff:  We train and hire the best in the business.
  • Personalized attention:  Small class size and accessibility of faculty and staff give you the support you need, when you need it.  We are committed to the personal and professional excellence of each of our students.
  • Price and Financing: The cost of our training is among the most reasonable in the country. Plus, we help to make your education affordable by letting you pay tuition costs over time.
  • Academic Excellence: You will have the knowledge to pass the MBLEx national exam, required for most states’ licensure processes. We have outstanding statistics: approximately 97% first-time Pass Rate.​
  • Professional curriculum:  You get superior results through our training for a rewarding, long-term, injury-free career. Our full-spectrum massage curriculum gives you an advantage, from subtle energywork to sensitive deep tissue treatments.
  • Effective: You will be prepared to start you own business or work in a variety of therapeutic environments. You will be highly trained and extremely effective in the work world.
  • Community: You will join the SFSOM community of over 1500 graduates, a supportive tradition since 1979.
  • Personal Transformation: You will have gained a whole new understanding of who you are and how to share yourself in the world. It’s a wonderful Journey!