Attending Santa Fe School of Massage was one of the best investments I have made.  It was a practical financial investment, a beautiful personal investment and a great investment in my professional future. Within six months of graduating I had made more money than I spent on school.  The knowledge I gained about my body continues to open doors towards greater self-care.  The professional foundation I received continues to enable a solid career while supporting opportunities for growing and expanding my knowledge and furthering my professional offerings.
Kim Robinson, graduate 2012, La Madera, NM

SFSOM provides a challenging massage curriculum infused with personal and spiritual growth opportunities. It was truly one of the most enriching experiences of my life.
Maggie Austin, graduate 2013, Santa Fe, NM

The Santa Fe School of Massage was one of the most transforming experiences of my life.  The excellent curriculum and personalized attention sets this school worlds apart from many others.
Steven Borges, graduate 2013, Santa Fe, NM

Santa Fe School of Massage offers dedicated one-on-one mentoring in body work so you have the opportunity to fully adapt the wisdom and knowingness into your mind, body and spirit!
Jen Antill, graduate 2013, Santa Fe, NM

Santa Fe School of Massage opened the door and invited me in for a tour of the most kind, sharing, compassionate and unique community of professional bodyworkers. They also helped me build a creative tool kit for my career, custom fit exactly to my needs. I would recommend this program to anyone seeking to live in their own body, to be in the present moment, and feel connected.
Austin Alred, graduate 2013, Dallas, TX

So much more than a massage school–Santa Fe School of Massage offers opportunities for excellent training and for personal transformation.  Truly life changing!
Lisa Chavez, graduate  2012, Cedar Crest, NM

I knew within minutes of walking into The Santa Fe School of Massage that I was meant to be here.  Within days of starting my classes, I felt part of something greater than I could have imagined.  The curriculum and the faculty prepared me and my fellow classmates to be able to get jobs at any spa immediately after graduation and give a massage of the highest quality and with confidence.  That was 3 years ago and now I’m featured on billboards around my city, representing the spa I currently work for and also nominated for top massage therapist in the LGBT community by ABQ Pride.  All this and more was made possible by the great education, dedication and love that I was blessed with by attending The Santa Fe School of Massage.
Eric Revels, 2010, Maryland

My time at SFSOM was priceless.  It turned me not only into a professional and confident body worker, but also into a person who is more grounded, and who can more easily find peace within tumult. For the duration of the program, my classmates and I spent time learning about the wonders of the human body, steeping in the plethora of assorted perspectives on healing, questioning our own assumptions about physicality and metamorphosing ourselves into empowered healers.  This is not just a school where you will become an anatomy whiz and internalize textbooks; everyone emerges from it into a new and improved version of themselves.
Lara Bache, 2011, Santa Fe, NM

Santa Fe School of Massage has been a doorway that has led to a personal and powerful transformation, both in my academic knowledge and my spiritual awareness. Of all the places from which I have learned, I have never felt more connected, or safe, or at home.
Nicholas X. Gurrola-Gal, 2011, Los Alamos, NM

Even though I’m up here in the Northwest, the oasis of body workers and massage schools, I am always proud to share my experience and training I received from SFSOM:) I truly could not have made it to this point in my life without the heartfelt, nurturing, and intentional guidance I received from your school. It lifted me in a way that I have never experienced before. It gave me wings and encouraged my own path and delivered love to a heart that needed to be reminded of what our existence is truly all about; love and living an authentic life.
Elaina Anders, 2010, Portland, OR

For me the decision to attend massage school was no less than an act of revolution. My experience at the school gave me the understanding and skill to become a licensed massage therapist and such a HUGE personal transformation. I find working as a massage therapist is a practice of having faith in oneself, in order to put compassion in action.
CJ Robison, 2010, Embudo, NM

I love the teachers at SFSOM.  They are SO knowledgeable and supportive.  They gave me the skills and insight to confidently open my massage practice right out of school.
Luna Jordan, 2012, Santa Fe, NM

My experience at Santa Fe School of Massage can be described in just two words:
Well Rounded! Being over fifty and a cosmetologist for thirty years, I wondered if it was such a good idea to take on another career, and one so physical as massage. Well I did, and I haven’t regretted a moment of it.
Char Patterson, 2011, Santa Fe, NM

It is so nice to feel connected to my family at SFSOM. I love what everyone has to say in the film, and appreciated what Keith said about witnessing people become a better (if not the best) version of themselves. That is so true. I feel that way years later, as I continue to discover the gifts from my training that unfold and guide me. Feels magical to say the least. I am amazed that I get to spend my days massaging pregnant women and witness God’s sacred miracle. My hands are learning to move in prayer.
Juliana Santillanes, 2007, Anchorage, AK

Not only did the people at the Scherer Institute [SFSOM] teach me to be the best massage therapist I can be, they taught me how to be the best person I can be. And now they all feel like family, which is icing on the cake.
Sarah Rogers, 2010, Santa Fe, NM

Scherer [SFSOM] emphasizes how to touch with presence and grace. This quality of touch has continued to allow for transformation in my work as well as in my everyday life.
Jenna Docekal, 2010, Santa Fe, NM

Scherer [SFSOM] will change your life for the better, in ways you never expected. I learned everything I came here to learn, and so much more.
Lane Collins, 2010, North Carolina

Attending The Scherer Institute of Natural Healing [SFSOM] has opened so much more to me than the world of bodywork. This program has helped me tap into my greater self, enhancing my intuition, spirituality and my humanity. Thank you for giving me so much more than what I could have hoped for.
Eric Revels, 2010, Maryland

Opening my mind, heart and soul to such a beautiful gift changed my life forever. I was able to do this while working full time and raising two beautiful girls with my husbands’ support. Don’t let anything hold you back from your dreams!
Patricia M. Salazar, 2009, Espanola, NM

I’m having a blast, actually!
Monique Gomez, 2009 Santa Fe, NM

The smaller class size not only allowed me more personal attention from the instructors, but it also helped me to create deeper relationships with my classmates in a truly supportive environment.
Charles Bayly, 2008, El Rito, NM

The energy at your school as I walked in the door was just what I have been searching for – an energy full of life and vigor, eager to embrace others in learning and life.
Veronica Hernandez, 2008 Continuing Education student

The clinic experience provided a vehicle to improve my confidence. More importantly, the experience also opened my heart. At Scherer [SFSOM] I learned so many wonderful things, and perhaps most important of all, I learned that “it is an honor to touch another person.” I am just now beginning to fathom the depth and wonder of that statement recognizing that healing is a force beyond our ability to articulate its meaning. Healing is something that unfolds in utter mystery and unconditional positive regard for another human being. What I learned at Scherer [SFSOM] cracked me wide open, it shook me to my core, and it showed me how astonishing life is when directed toward an awareness of the ‘other.’
Chris De Getmon, 2007, Michigan

As a student in the clinic practicum, having a Registered Massage Therapy Instructor close at hand to answer questions, give gentle guidance and support, and cheer on my moments of success, meant the world to me.
Leisha Campbell, 2007, Las Vegas, NM

As a medical student, I can say that I learned as much at Scherer [SFSOM]about promoting health as I have in three years of medical school. The faculty and staff have created a respectful, happy, and healthy learning environment that will encourage you to create your own path in massage. You won’t regret coming here. [Adam took a break from his 4th year of medical school to come to Scherer.]
Adam Hunninghake, 2006 Chicago, IL

Coming to the Scherer Institute [SFSOM] is like coming home. I felt so welcomed and respected that I found it easy to learn as a student and then naturally blossomed as a therapist. The teachings I received here were delivered with accuracy and an understanding of the body as an expression of the spirit.
Lydia Durant, 2006 Santa Fe, NM

I really like the Scherer Institute [SFSOM] because it has a more spiritual feel to it. Their teachings come from the inside out. They teach us to look for the answers in side our self, our bodies and mind.
Mauro Rivera, 2006 Santa Fe, NM

I would definitely recommend Scherer. They were so flexible with my pacing and let me do the program a little bit at a time. As a teacher myself, I really appreciated the quality of teaching and the individual attention we all received as students.
Meg Gallagher, 2006 Santa Fe, NM

“That is the best massage I have ever had” is something I’m told quite often in a day spa, where I work with about thirty other therapists. Five of my regular clients are veteran massage therapists, and all let me know what a gift I have. I have Scherer’s to thank for training my “magic hands” and showing me that when it comes from the heart, it’s the best kind therapy there is.
Steve Floyd, 2004 Honolulu, Hawaii

I sincerely will say that Scherer [SFSOM]graduates will testify that all the gifts that we have received from the school have proven that we are one of a kind and very special – amazing what we can deliver with our touch.
Miki Nakamura 2004 Yamaguchi, Japan

At a time when mediocre schools across the country are graduating mediocre massage therapists, The Scherer Institute [SFSOM] excels. It will touch mind, your heart, your soul, your very being. It will change you forever and prepare you to be the very best.
Vicki Purdy, 2004, Columbia, MO

The extent of the support that Scherer’s brought to life, and the acceptance and love for who we were as individuals was the foundation of all the growth and the facilitator for the inevitable change that came through so much movement. The level of training I had received was far more grounded, in depth, and contemporary than so many of my peers with years of experience. After graduation, I lived for more than a year on the Navajo reservation, giving massage to the Elders of Black Mesa. With the cultural and language difference, it was a challenge and joy to apply a lot of what I learned. However, the ability to listen to the body through touch was the foundation to my acceptance. This is part of the uniqueness of the training received at Scherer’s.
Anne-Claire Wilton 2004 London, UK

Thank-you, Scherer Institute [SFSOM]! My many thanks to you for enriching my life with the “healing quality of touch” that is taught by the Scherer. That compassion is now being passed through my hands, as I am honored to be able to massage people as my profession. The Scherer [SFSOM]training gave me the ground and tools that I have used while working in a local spa since graduating in 2004. Your influence changed my life, not only because I found that I love giving massages, but also for being able to discover the precious gift of touch. You will be cherished in my heart always!
Amberli Oddoux, 2004 Victoria, B.C., Canada

The depth of my experience at the Scherer Institute [SFSOM] is carried in my hands every time I do bodywork. A profound knowing and intuitive process accompanies me that I would not have developed without the care and sensitivity of the instruction I received. Thank you for this amazing gift!
Thomas Grignon, 2003 Monterey, CA

For me, the Scherer Institute [SFSOM] is a little slice of heaven on earth and everything and more that a massage school is meant to be. My barefoot graduation from Scherer’s meant more to me than my graduation from University because I saw it as a graduation from the School of Life. What do I love about the Scherer Institute [SFSOM]? That the teachers teach so much more than their subjects. They teach with their whole beings. That the atmosphere of love permeates the building. That we are encouraged to jump in puddles after rainstorms and to nap when we’re tired. That the idealism and passion of the staff is tangible. That the school really cares. That so much of the learning is experiential and takes place at the soul level. That three years on, I’m still integrating all the wisdom learnt. When I looked at massage schools closer to home, I knew that there was something more that I wanted. I didn’t have a name for it – couldn’t articulate it. I’m so happy that I kept on believing that the right thing existed somewhere and eternally grateful that I found it. I’m a part time massage therapist/ aromatherapist and founder of The Hamsa Project – an apolitical organisation that provides a healing space, via bodywork, to those who have suffered physically and/or emotionally from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. www.samcowan.com <http://www.sam-cowan.com/>
Sam Cowan 2002 London, UK

Training at Scherer Institute [SFSOM] without doubt prepared me for a career in massage therapy. The training was thorough, from science studies, to business management skills, to spiritual insight. And even during personal rough times I felt the loving support of my instructors and the staff. I graduated in March 2002, passed my national exams with confidence and have since run a successful massage therapy business in Moab.
Susette DeCoster-Weisheit, 2002 Moab, Utah

My clients in here in Chicago always comment on my unique style and ask, “What do you call your type of massage?” I tell them “Nurturing therapeutic massage. – I am focusing my intention on both the therapeutic and nurturing aspects of touch, and I learned this work at the Scherer Institute [SFSOM].
Nina Lichtenstein, 2001 Chicago, IL

As a practitioner who has worked in many facets of the massage industry, I continually refer back to my education from the Scherer Institute [SFSOM]. I feel I received a stellar, hands-on training that has set me apart in the field. Not to mention an experience that has transformed me as an individual and a healer.
Yael Friedmann, 2000 owner of The Bodywork Center Hingham, MA

Simply put, my experience at Scherer [SFSOM] transformed my life. Never before had I been able to make such a connection with others, or myself. It was here that I discovered my individuality together with my connectedness with this wonderful organism we call home. Not a day goes by that something of my time spent there crosses my mind. Thank you for all that you have shared and given to me.
Anne Schneiter, 1999 Louisville, KY

Deciding to attend The Scherer Institute of Natural Healing [SFSOM] was the single most important decision I have ever made. It has changed my perspective on life and being human forever.
Brendan Casey, 1999 Santa Fe, NM

The Scherer Institute [SFSOM] is an exceptional place for learning. The professionalism exhibited by the staff mixed with deep compassion they exude makes for a lifelong meaningful experience. I am so glad I was able to attend.
Juniper Decker, 1999 Albuquerque, NM

I was looking for a school that was addressing the health and wellness of the practitioner. I felt any school could teach me the strokes, but only the Scherer Institute [SFSOM] was interested in graduating healthy healers.
Andrea Fiset Ullom, 1999 Espanola, NM

Scherer’s provided me with a strong everlasting foundation of knowledge; a place I can always return to for focus, direction and guidance. This gift has given me the confidence to develop my own individual style of work specializing in preventive and corrective injury therapeutic bodywork with an emphasis on pain management techniques. This foundation has encouraged me to incorporate different avenues of training in my work so that I can remain cutting-edge in the field of “touch healing.” Scherer’s opened the way for me to see how far I can spread my wings. 2006 celebrates my wife, Ginny and my fourth anniversary as co-founders of the Center for Corrective Myotherapy/Centro de Mioterapia Correctiva in Puerto Morelos, Q.Roo, Mexico. This year also celebrates our second anniversary of mobile services in New York City, NY, Austin/Dallas, TX and Los Angeles, CA.
Mauro Jaramillo 1997 Puerto Morelos, Mexico

My time at the Scherer Institute [SFSOM] in Taos was incredible. When I enrolled, I was at a crossroads, ready for change. My teachers and classmates were amazing companions. I learned how to give massage, but also explored the connections between the body, mind and spirit. My capacity for opening and loving expanded. That, mixed with the scent of sage and cedar, and my time spent on the Taos Pueblo, made for magic.
Jen Rivers, Taos graduate 1996 Phoenixville, PA

I’m still working as a massage therapist, specializing in corrective injury or also known as medical massage in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Life is good, thanks to you and all who educated me at the Scherer Institute [SFSOM]. Much thanks and praise for all of you work to keep the school running in order to help the planet’s healing.
Mike Herbert 1996 San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

My experience at Jay Scherer’s continues to resonant with me as one of the most wonderful things I have ever done for myself. I do not do massage professionally at this point, but I do healing touch for friends on occasion. I also will be using healing touch as a hospice volunteer, for which I have just done training.
Joe McGuire 1995 Aspen, CO

Fourteen years after graduating from The Scherer Institute [SFSOM], I still count this as one of the best decisions I ever made in my life…attending this amazing school and being lucky enough to have been accepted. Although I never met Jay Scherer, I feel guided by his presence everyday and am so grateful.
Patty Brown Linder, 1992 Eastham, MA

I am still working as a Holistic Health Practitioner and Massage Therapist now for 15 years. I recently decided to cap off the amount of clients I see to 30 people a week (I was averaging 40 a week for the last 2 1/2 years). Scherer’s is a place where one can find the deepest knowledge about his/herself in a safe environment. It is a place where doors get opened that you did not know existed, a place where love and compassion is an on going daily routine. If you allow yourself to be open to what is available at Scherer’s you will walk away a much more open minded, loving, giving, compassionate person with the gift to help people in a way that they will think of you as a true healer.
Kevin L Wright 1991 Carlsbad, CA

I graduated February 23rd, 1991 when it was still called Jay Victor Scherer’s Academy of Natural Healing and I’ve been practicing full time ever since. I haven’t stayed in touch but want you all to know how immensely grateful I am for what I learned and still carry with me to this day from my time spent in your school. It IS an honor to touch another human being even after 20,000 plus sessions!
Ronny Misik, 1991, Houston, TX

“Work is love made visible”–Kahlil Gibran. That is the essence of the curriculum taught at Scherer’s. I have had the blessing of offering that to my clients through my hands for the past eighteen years. I am so indebted to Scherer’s for this precious career – there are not enough words to express my gratitude. Somehow we were taught ‘soul work’ without realizing it.
Laurete Francescato,1989 Mesilla, NM

My involvement with Scherer’s since I graduated continues to amaze me. Their caring professional staff and cutting edge classes continue to open students’ hearts and hands. One of the best schools in the country!
Gwynne Unruh, 1989, Silver City, NM

My experience after graduating from Dr. Scherer’s Institute has been one of total amazement. While in attendance I knew I was receiving an incredibly well rounded and diverse massage training, but once I was out in the real world, it dawned on me the true scope of the gift of knowledge I acquired. I’ve been practicing for 21 years since graduating from Scherer’s and have been honored to work on some very experienced massage recipients. Many of them recognize and appreciate the emphasis on quality touch and connection that The Scherer Institute [SFSOM] manifests unto its students. There is a huge difference. “It is an honor to touch another human being”…. and a greater honor to learn to hold that in total reverence.
Jennie Mai Bonham, 1984, Cheyenne, WY

At The Scherer Institute [SFSOM]…. I learned to open my heart and heal with love, to listen with my hands and always trust them as my guide. I carry the peace that was radiated from Dr. Scherer in to every massage. After 24 years I am still a very active massage therapist. Not only do I continue to work with my clients, but I have other therapists working for me and have created a serene environment in which to do our healing work. If I had it all to do over, I would choose the Scherer Institute [SFSOM] because of the quality and compassion of the instructors. I look back on my days in massage school as some of the most tender moments in my life. And every day I thank God that I was directed to Santa Fe to study in such a healthy environment. My life is so rich because of that choice.
Dale Montelione Grust, 1981, Center for Therapeutic Massage New Paltz, NY

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