Neuromuscular Therapy Certification

August 8 – November 15, 2020back massage

Neuromuscular Therapy Certification
with Kathleen Lesh Smith, LMT, RMTI #I-0459, CNMT, PTA

Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) was brought to the United States by physicians in the 1930s.  This medically based structural modality includes Postural Analysis, Myofascial Release and Trigger Point therapy.  It is a holistic approach to take your clients from chronic pain to healing, yet the new therapy steps are easy to learn and can be applied immediately after training.

This 100-hour training consists of 5 weekend workshops, a one day clinic, a take home test (50 questions), and documentation of 3 sessions – including pre-visit plan, SOAP notes and followup. The test and session notes must be returned within one month of the last class. If completed correctly with full attendance of all classes, a certificate will be issued for 100 hours, and the participant can then use the initials (C.N.M.T.) after their name.

100 Hour Training Fee: $2000
Payment plans are available: $100 deposit to hold your place is deducted from the final weekend cost for students on payment plans.

There may be available funding for NM RESIDENTS who take the entire training. Please call the school for more information. 505-982-8398

Class Dates

Aug 8-9, 2020 (Sat/Sun) 8am-5pm
NMT Foundations: Postural Analysis and Myofascial Release (16 hours)

“Postural Analysis allows the therapist to easily chart the probable SOURCE of the pain, instead of just chasing the symptoms.”

Have you found that you’ve been “chasing pain” with clients, but not really finding the original problem?  The human body is made up of soft tissue netting called fascia that can pull in many directions at one time.  Analyzing all three anatomical planes allows the therapist not only to efficiently treat the Quasimodo but also treat the Adonis who stands perfectly straight, but is riddled with pain. After several sessions of charting with partners, each participant will have the opportunity to analyze one on one, with follow-through involving hands-on techniques. This course makes the therapeutic techniques learned in other classes really make sense — to you AND your clients!

“Fascia is the forgotten soft tissue in the bodywork world and is the easiest to treat!”

Learn hands-on techniques that will benefit both you and your client the first time you use them. Fascia is the support netting of the human body.  Its fibers run in many directions (like postage tape) and the pull of fascia from the problem area in your leg could be felt as pain in your shoulder.  These techniques will open the fascial restrictions to allow the therapist to more easily work on the affected muscles. Releasing the fascial restrictions first allows the muscular release to be easier (on you and the client) and provides a longer lasting release of whichever massage techniques are applied.

Aug 29-30, 2020 (Sat/Sun) 8am-5pm
Groundwork and Simple Deviations (16 hours)
The first day of this weekend will introduce Neuromuscular Therapy, including postural analysis, Myofascial Release and Trigger Point Therapy. The second day of this weekend will introduce the simplest of the postural distortions, the transverse deviations.  Using cadaver videos and worksheets, we will review the musculature and medical conditions possible with these distortions. Afternoons focus on hands-on treatment protocols with lots of practice time.

Sept 26-27, 2020 (Sat/Sun) 8am-5pm
Pelvic Rotations (16 hours)
Saturday will introduce the concept of pelvic rotation and tilt, starting with the posterior tilt/rotation.  The morning will include a review of the musculature and medical conditions possible with this distortion.  The afternoon will cover the treatment protocol, with lots of practice time.  Sunday will address the anterior pelvic tilt/rotation, using the same teaching techniques.

Oct 17-18, 2020 (Sat/Sun) 8am-5pm
Scoliosis (16 hours)
This accelerated workshop will introduce the concept of “C curve” scoliosis (the lateral curvature of the spine), causing a long leg/short leg or high/low shoulder distortion. The course will include a review of the musculature and medical conditions possible with this distortion, including the more complex condition of “S curve” scoliosis. Participants will be given treatment protocols, with lots of practice time.

Nov 13-14, 2020 (Fri/Sat)  8am-5pm
Forward Head Posture and TMJ (16 hours)
This weekend focuses on advanced techniques to treat the extremely sensitive areas of the neck and mouth. We will start with a quick review of Neuromuscular Therapy. Saturday will introduce the concept of “Forward Head Posture” with the many medical conditions associated with this distortion. The morning will include a review of the musculature and medical conditions possible with this distortion. The afternoon will cover the treatment protocol, with lots of practice time. Sunday will introduce TMJ dysfunction and teach the treatment protocol, using the same teaching techniques. This day will also have time for participants to bring in all information available with their “trouble clients”, which the class will use to develop a treatment protocol for that therapist to take home and use in their own practice immediately.

Nov 15, 2020 (Sun) 8am-5pm
NMT Clinic  (8 hours)
This instructor-supervised clinic allows the therapist to apply the new techniques after completing the five weekend course.  It is structured in such a way that questions and corrections are addressed immediately during the therapy session, so the therapist leaves the course with the confidence to apply NMT on their own clientele.

For all training participants:
1. Bring (or wear) a fitness tank top and athletic shorts for draping during participant practice sessions.
2.  All other class materials provided.

Instructor:Kathleen Lesh Smith, LMT, RMTI #I-0459, CNMT, PTA was a well-loved Anatomy/Kinesiology instructor at SFSOM before pursuing a degree to be a Physical Therapy Assistant. She has had over 250 hours of training in Neuromuscular Therapy and was certified (C.N.M.T.) by the Southeastern School of Neuromuscular Therapy of Charleston, South Carolina in 1999.  She has been teaching Neuromuscular Therapy classes since 2000, and here in New Mexico, since 2011. Her classes are infused with the enthusiasm she brings to all of her teaching but especially to her therapeutic field of study – Neuromuscular Therapy!

$2000 regular tuition
$1900 early bird if paid in full by July 7, 2020

Therapy Certification 8/8-11/15/2020
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