Be BodyWise: The Science of Connection

The latest neuroscientific research shows that our brains are genetically hard-wired for attachment and connection throughout life. The resonating capacity of our brain and nervous system enables us to intuit and feel each other.

“Being felt” is a profound experience of safety and trust, which forms the basis of psychological and physical well-being. Thus the quality of the therapeutic relationship is as crucial a healing agent as is the actual massage treatment. The cultivation of attunement and empathy, rooted in our system of mirror neurons, plays a major role in supporting our clients’ healing.

We will explore the functions of our amazing “relational brain” and unique nervous system, the constant flow between body and brain, and how we can utilize this knowledge into our professional practice as well as into our personal daily life. We will have the opportunity to consult about situations with clients in the light of interpersonal (brain)- connectedness. In a playful way, we will delve into body/brain experiences that will help deepen our connection with ourselves and foster a vital and inspired exchange with our clients.

silviacloseup-1Instructor: Silvia Stenitzer, MA, LPCC, LMT #0060 has been addressing the body-mind-soul connection in her private practice “Interactive Bodytherapy” for the past 20 years. She has been teaching organic movement and Pilates in her own studio. Silvia holds a certificate in interpersonal neurobiology, somatics and action methods from Southwestern College. In her work, she embraces the whole person by including the psychological, mental and physical aspects of health and well-being.

Quotes from Silvia’s students:

“Silvia is one of the best instructors I’ve had in conveying the information with great integrity and creating a safe space for all of us.”
“I’ve been doing bodywork for 25 years and this was one of the best workshops I have ever taken.”
“You could feel Silvia’s fascination and wisdom…very vibrant and enjoyable presence.”

Please call the school to see if there is availability in this class.