Introduction to Hakomi for Bodyworkers: Building Bridges

Instructor: Morgan Holford, CHT, and Scott Lilleston, RP, CHT, LMT, CAMT
Date: October 6,7 (Sat-Sun)
Hours: 12 hrs
Price: $270 Regular; $243 Early Bird (by September 5)
Time: Sat: 9:30am-6pm; Sun: 9:30am – 4:00pm
Course Description:

Our brains process kinesthetic, somatic experiences very differently than they do language and meaning, in completely different areas. Both kinds of experiences are essential aspects of our being human. Developing the ability to connect and move between those kinds of experiences is an essential ingredient in the Hakomi approach. It is a deeply integrating experience. This workshop will provide opportunities to explore and experiment with building bridges between these realms of body and mind. You will learn skills that will help you assist your clients in building these bridges as well.


Morgan Holford, CHT is a Certified Hakomi Therapist & Trainer. She has practiced Hakomi for over 30 years and has been on the faculty of the Hakomi Institute since 1990. Prior to that, she studied, taught and practiced a variety of body therapies for several years. Morgan developed and began teaching Hakomi for Bodyworkers in 1995. Morgan brings a deep respect and appreciation for the wisdom of the body into her work with clients and students. She is committed to integrating spirit into everyday life, bringing it into full embodied expression. Morgan lives in Santa Fe, where she maintains a private practice, offers advanced trainings and consultation to Hakomi and Hakomi for Bodyworkers graduates, and trains others in Hakomi throughout the US.


Scott Lilleston, RP, CHT, LMT, CAMT As a Somatic Psychotherapist, Scott specializes in working with highly sensitive people (HSP) and clients with chronic pain conditions. As a Licensed Massage Therapist in private practice since 2002, Scott has devoted over a decade to the development of his own body of work: Somatic Re-patterning Approach™. As a teacher and mentor, Scott specializes in teaching body/mind (somatic) applications to manual therapists and bodyworkers. He is passionate about cultivating more understanding of the appropriate use of power in our professional communities and weaves these ideas into all that he teaches. Scott has been a Certified Hakomi Therapist since 2014. He joined the Hakomi For Bodyworkers faculty that same year and in 2017 became a Certified Hakomi Teacher.

Introduction to Hakomi for Bodyworkers: Bridges 10/6-10/7
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