ETHICS: For the Experienced Practitioner – CLASS IS FULL

This class is for Massage Therapists who have been practicing for at least 10 years or more.

We know – you’ve taken umpteen ethics classes over the years! You might even resent having to take yet another. But this is an amazing opportunity to discuss ethical challenges with your peers and colleagues. The rich experience of all who take this class is invaluable. Gifted facilitator Bear Sahlfeld, who has been practicing massage therapy for over 30 years, will support you in going deeper into examining ethical dilemmas around boundaries, dual relationships, power differential and whatever issues you bring.

Bear 2015Instructor: Bear Sahlfeld, LPC, LMT, RMTI-I #041
Bear has been a massage therapist for three decades. She maintains a private practice in both Massage Therapy and Psychotherapy in Santa Fe, NM. She studied Hakomi Bodycentered Psychotherapy with its originator, Ron Kurtz, and Hakomi informs all her work. Bear taught at Santa Fe School of Massage (formerly Scherer Institute of Natural Healing) for many years – such classes as: Nurturing Therapeutic Massage, Anatomy, Medical Massage. She is back again for Ethics and the Therapeutic Relationship. Bear brings a sense of humor, compassion, and a depth of knowledge and experience to all her teaching. Her classes are enjoyable and empowering for the students.