Deep Breath

We do it from our first day until our last, but what actually happens when we breathe?

This workshop is a self-experiential journey that takes us deep into the intricate motion of breath.

This workshop will include:

  • Yoga & movement exercises designed to help you take deeper, more conscious breaths
  • Anatomy slideshow and discussion exploring how breath is created in the body, its multitude of interrelationships, the central role of the diaphragm and the holistic motion that breath offers
  • Breathing and pranayama instruction to relieve stress and heighten breath-awareness


Lara Bache is a yoga teacher, massage therapist, and executive co-director at Santa Fe Community Yoga. She has been teaching yoga since 2009 and is a lifelong student of contemplative arts and movement. She is a proud graduate of the Santa Fe School of Massage, and is passionate about celebrating embodiment.

Jackson Mathey, LMT, RMTI is a bodyworker and instructor in Santa Fe New Mexico. He currently teaches Anatomy and Kinesiology at the Santa Fe School of Massage. He draws on a diverse back ground to fuel his understanding of the body. He loves sharing the adventure of discovering the functions and mysteries of the body.

Deep Breath 10/18
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