Polarity Energy Practitioner Program

200-hour Polarity Energy Practitioner Program ~ PEP
February 4 – November 19, 2017
with Shanna Marsh, MA, RPE, PTP and Corine Frankland, Ph.D., PTP

Polarity therapy practitioners and educators, Shanna Marsh and Corine Frankland, will lead you on a transformative exploration into elemental and archetypal energy work, supporting participants in the acquisition of sound professional and technical skills, as well as in the deep cultivation of creative and intuitive capabilities.

Tuition: $3,250
Topics Include:

  • Energy field discernment
  • Polarity cosmology
  • Energetic touch
  • Elemental and archetypal integration
  • The therapeutic relationship
  • One 16-hour weekend per month for 10 months, plus 40 hours of practice sessions and reflections.
  • Staying healthy and empowered


Saturdays and Sundays 9am-6pm.
February 4-5

Module 1: Core, Sensing and Resourcing
March 11-12
Module 2: The Core Energy System
April 22-23
Module 3: Introduction to Elemental Medicine and Exploring Ether
May 20-2
Module 4: Elemental Medicine:   Air/Fire
June 24-25
Module 5: Elemental Medicine: Water/Earth
July 22-23
Module 6: Elemental Assessment, Communication and Integration
August 22-27
Module 7: Sacred Geometry – The 5-Pointed Star
Sept 23-24
Module 8: Structure and Energetic Containment: The 6-Pointed Star
Oct 21-22
Module 9: Energetic Resourcing for the Nervous System
Nov 18-19
Module 10: Creativity and Somatic Intuition: Integration of the Polarity Journey

About Polarity:
Polarity Therapy is based on the Human Energy Field and recognizes energy as the underlying factor of wellness. Polarity Therapy works with the pathways of energy movement, assisting the return of its free flowing nature. This includes understanding the elements and archetypes, thereby allowing reconnection to sources of energy in the body, in nature, in interpersonal and societal relationships, and within oneself. Health is considered in its larger context beyond just the body, recognizing the interconnectedness of all things to each other and to a unified central source of life energy.

Shanna R. Marsh-MartinezShanna Marsh MA, RPE, PTP and Corine Frankland Corinne FranklandPhD, PTP are Polarity Therapy Practitioners certified through the International Polarity Education Alliance. Shanna and Corine have created and delivered interdisciplinary workshops celebrating the body’s capacity to serve as a valuable and authentic guide for wisdom and insight. Their unique, integrated and intuitive approach to teaching celebrates Polarity Therapy as both an art and a science. Shanna and Corine are professors of integrative health and wellness and have private somatic polarity practices in Santa Fe.

Please download Application, complete and mail, or save as a PDF and email to SFSOM. Contact info is on the application.
Polarity 2017 Application