Intuitive Presence

50-hour Intuitive Presence Intensive with Cathy Black, M.A.
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  • Reduced tuition for new graduates of SFSOM
  • CE credits are available for bodyworkers.
  • This training is open to non-bodyworkers, with instructor interview.

Training Description 
Intuitive Presence is a subtle energy approach for those who wish to deepen intuition and the power of presence in their work and their lives. The training is an exciting journey that invites the depth of one’s inner life to find creative and meaningful expression through subtle energy work and healing, meditation, and movement. By awakening consciousness for the cultivation of intuition and subtle awareness, participants will gain skills that expand their experience and understanding of intuitive healing processes.

Practitioners of most bodywork modalities will find this to be a valuable integrative process in their work with clients. Those who are not bodywork professionals will learn how to work with others in a healing and subtle touch modality that can be used with friends and family. 

A 50-hour certificate is available for attending this training. The courses are comprised of the following categories: Introduction and Overview, Intuition and Presence, Process of Transformation, Consciousness in Healing, and The Intuitive Pathway. Please read below for more detailed course descriptions: 

Introduction and Overview – 2 hrs

Intuition and Presence: Awareness and Sensitivity & The Intuitive Language
Awakening intuition is enhanced by your ability to deepen your sensitivity and bring awareness to being more present in the moment. You will explore your innate intuitive language and ways in which you already embody intuition. You will also learn new ways to express intuition and investigate the challenges you face with this faculty. We will work together as a group to create a supportive environment in which intuition may be explored and trusted. You will also learn about the underlying power of intention and the importance of “trusting the process” as you explore a sense of flow and deepening presence in your work with others. Meditations and clothed exchanges serve to evoke a deepened healing presence for you to embody, while addressing the subtle anatomy of the energetic bodies and how to intuitively work with subtle energy in healing work.

Process of Transformation: Cycles of Transformation Sessions (includes 4 hrs of Ethics)
This part of the course will focus on the energetic roots of transformation. Students can expect to learn skills for themselves and their life in a nurturing and healing environment. The morning sessions will be devoted to understanding and discerning specific energetic cycles of transformation from both a personal and professional perspective. Practice sessions in the afternoon will be intuitive energy sessions held in class. These sessions will serve a two-fold purpose: to apply skills from what was learned in the morning and to address specific areas of expertise each student wants to focus on in their life and work.

Consciousness in Healing
This section will focus on the subtle aspects of healing and intuition as they relate to consciousness and our spiritual nature. We will focus time in self-reflection through meditation, movement, and other contemplative exercises. Participants will also work with one another through touch and subtle, intuitive energy techniques, enhanced by the experiences that are evoked through their inner contemplative time.

The Intuitive Pathway
Cultivating intuition and deepening presence require a personal commitment to being aware of yourself, from which an awareness of others and the world may deepen. This segment of the training offers a personal as well as a professional journey of how the intuitive pathway unfolds in our lives and in the healing process. This helps to create a particular paradigm of living life with integrity from within and interconnection with the greater whole of life.

Training Schedule
The 2020 training will be in an intensive format. It begins with a Thursday evening from 6:30-8:30, immediately followed by 3 days of courses that same weekend. The training will continue and conclude the following week over another 3-day weekend. Each full day is scheduled from 9am to 6pm.

*Graduates of this training may go on to take Lumos Center retreats with Cathy and may be eligible to participate in the Intuitive Presence Clinics in Santa Fe and Taos.

Cost: $800

Instructor: Cathy Black, M.A. began working with healing, massage, and meditation in 1980. She has worked with individuals and groups in Intuitive Massage and Intuitive Healing, including the Healing Quality of Touch at Scherer’s [SFSOM] in Santa Fe and Taos. Intuitive Presence is the work that has grown out of her many years of meditation practice, private practice in Intuitive Massage and healing, and 35 years of teaching experience.

Cathy is a minister in the Unity of All Life and graduated with a Master’s degree in Intuitive Healing and Facilitation from Lesley University. Cathy is co-owner and director of Lumos Center for spiritual retreats, meditations, and trainings, and TaoSatva, a dance and healing arts venue in Taos. She lives in Taos with her husband Keith, on the banks of the magical Rio Pueblo.

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