Professional Development

Our courses in Ethics, Professional Development, Communication Skills, and Business Skills contribute to increased awareness of self and how we relate with others. Personal growth is a natural component of the program as students learn more about themselves, and come to understand the importance of self-reflection in the process of becoming a massage therapist.

Professional Development and Ethics

Students explore ethics, boundaries, self-care, hygiene, licensure, and other relevant issues pertaining to the massage profession. Somatic Awareness and movement are integrated into the bodywork curriculum and create a kinesthetic and experiential context for exploring through the body. We emphasize attention to body mechanics through supervision and somatic awareness.

Business Skills

Students learn how to work and promote themselves successfully in a variety of areas including private practice, spas, and other types of massage venues. Topics include working with budgets, designing brochures and business cards, and researching laws and regulations.

Communication Skills

In this course, students develop and expand their interpersonal communication skills and explore issues about boundaries and safety. We use the group experience as an important and integral part of the training, supporting students to cultivate compassion and awareness.