“Student Clinic/Practicum built my confidence, and it was a wonderful way to discover how much I’d learned and already begun to integrate. At the same time, some of my best learning happened as I was practicing with many different people, bodies and situations. The clients were appreciative and often got exactly the results they were seeking. I left the school ready to work, and had a job within weeks.” – Andrea Fechter, 2007 graduate.

After completing the Nurturing Therapeutic Massage course, students begin their Clinical Practicum. The Student Clinic Practicum gives senior students the opportunity to provide massage to the public under faculty supervision.

Students report that the clinic is one of the most rewarding aspects of their training. As students see a wide range of clients, they identify their own strengths and areas for growth. Students begin to integrate and apply the full range of massage approaches they have learned. Moreover, they begin to evolve their own unique styles. The knowledge and personal development a student gains through Clinic Practicum provide a solid foundation upon which to build competency and a successful, gratifying career.