What’s Special About Us?

“I find working as a massage therapist is a practice of having faith in oneself, in order to put compassion in action.”
CJ Robison, 2010 Graduate

  • Being a small, independent school of massage gives us many advantages. We have time and energy to dedicate to each individual student. We do everything we can to help you develop your potential as a bodyworker.
  • We are experts in massage therapy education. We’ve been doing this since 1979, and we know how to integrate a top-notch professional bodywork training with your personal educational goals.
  • Santa Fe School of Massage students and graduates, including all Scherer Institute grads, are part of a supportive community. When you join the ranks of SFSOM graduates from around the world, you become part of a proud and loyal legacy.
  • You have personal access to the owners and administration to customize certain aspects of the program to your needs.  We take time to solicit and listen to student feedback.
  • Our faculty love what they do, and they inspire our students to love learning. Most of our staff are graduates of the school.  Bodywork faculty have mentored with the teachers before them, so each of the bodywork branches has a strong lineage to it.
  • We encourage and teach a lot of self-care.  We help you find the ways your body can practice massage without hurting yourself or burning out in the first four years.
  • We have exceptionally high pass rates on the NCE and MBLEx licensure exams.
  • We know this is a personally transforming process, and we provide support and encouragement for the personal changes that many people go through.
  • AND, we are in Santa Fe, an oasis of transformation and beauty in the enchanted mountains of Northern New Mexico!