About Us

The Santa Fe School of Massage is an independent school of massage and healing located in the high desert community of Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Since 1979, our students have enjoyed small class sizes, excellent curriculum, personalized attention and support from our dedicated faculty, staff and administration.  We believe it is an honor to touch another human being.  In this spirit, we train people to bring conscious and expert touch to others.

The Santa Fe School of Massage is a sanctuary for professional excellence and the cultivation of self-knowledge and healing presence.  Our training encourages deep integration and sustainability in students, supporting personal growth, self-awareness, receptivity, and responsibility.  We offer a comprehensive scientific and technical foundation in theory and practice, and provide the environment for the cultivation of sensitivity and compassion.  We are passionate about empowering each student to develop their own unique, creative healing potential.

“My time at SFSOM was priceless.  It turned me not only into a professional and confident body worker, but also into a person who is more grounded, and who can more easily find peace within tumult. For the duration of the program, my classmates and I spent time learning about the wonders of the human body, steeping in the plethora of assorted perspectives on healing, questioning our own assumptions about physicality and metamorphosing ourselves into empowered healers.  This is not just a school where you will become an anatomy whiz and internalize textbooks; everyone emerges from it into a new and improved version of themselves.”
Lara Bache, 2011 Graduate