A Day of Polarity Therapy! (In Taos!)

(This class will be held in Taos at TaoSatva)

This course provides a foundational exploration into the art and practice of Polarity Therapy bodywork. The deep insights and applications of 5 Element theory, cosmic alignments and the 3 Polarity touches will be addressed.

About Polarity: Polarity Therapy is based on the Human Energy Field and recognizes energy as the underlying factor of wellness. Polarity Therapy works with the pathways of energy movement, assisting the return of its free-flowing nature.

Instructor: Shanna Marsh, MA, RPE, PTP is a Polarity Therapy Practitioner and educator certified through the International Polarity Education Alliance who has been in practice for 15 years. Both her private sessions and workshops celebrate Polarity as an art and science. Her focus is activating each individual’s inner radiance and facilitating access to the body’s deep wisdom and its profound impact on health and happiness.

A Day of Polarity Therapy! In TAOS! 10/11/20
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