The Compassionate Witness: Being Present with Illness and Suffering

In this class we will bring awareness to our comfort levels with illness, suffering and death. We will investigate where our different belief structures of illness originate, such as in family dynamics, life experiences, voices other than our own, and society. We will work with these conditioned responses so we can open to a greater understanding of our authentic self, thus creating more space for compassion and forgiveness. Through meditation, writing and interpersonal exercises in a supportive environment, we will explore how to remain present with our own suffering, and allow this honest questioning to teach us how to employ our own personal spiritual beliefs to greet life’s challenges—and by doing so, remain connected to our self and others through joy and understanding.

Christine SherwoodInstructor: Christine Sherwood, LMT
Christine graduated from The Scherer Institute of Natural Healing (SFSOM) in 1991 and began her teaching career in 1995. She has taught various modalities of massage, from Swedish Massage to Healing Quality of Touch. She created her own continuing education class, “Bones of the Earth,” and taught it nationally for eight years. Her life took a new direction, when in 2006, Christine was diagnosed with fourth-stage rectal cancer. Applying her life skills, she has emerged into a new and burnished life. Her second book, Fire and Ash: The Alchemy of Cancer, chronicles her journey of illness and near death, witnessed by her Soul. Forming an alliance with her new-fledged life, Christine is creating workshops that unite her intuition in the healing arts, teaching, and writing to connect with others on the subject of illness, healing and the spiritual expansion that life offers through honest contemplation of life and death.

The Compassionate Witness 10/22-10/23
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