Student Clinic Practicum

“Seriously, one of the best massages I’ve ever had. Excellent!”

Student Clinic has finished for the year. It will start again in mid January 2018. Please contact us at that time to set up an appointment.​

Student Clinic is booked through the month of August.  We will not be making any appointments or returning calls about clinic until on or after August 30. At that time we will start making appointments for September. Please call us at that time. Thank you!


The Student Clinic Practicum gives senior students the opportunity to provide massage to the public under faculty supervision. When you make your appointment, we will schedule you with a student therapist. You may request a male or female therapist, and you may only work with the same student three times. Fees are paid to the school and collected by the clinic supervisor at the time of your arrival. The school accepts cash, checks, or Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. Plan to spend about 1 ½ hours at the clinic. It takes about 15 minutes for intake and preparation, an hour for the massage, and a few more minutes after that to fill out a feedback form for the student. We appreciate your honest feedback, as it helps our students to learn how to be the best massage therapists they can be.

Thank you, and Enjoy!