Pre and Perinatal Education: Introductory Course

Pre and Perinatal Education: Introductory Course

Taught by Scott Zamurut, RCST®

April 4-6, 2017 or June 9-11, 2017

Tuition: $600

Listen to a new interview with Scott on the Craniosacral Podcast. He talks in depth regarding the interface of Pre and Perinatal Education and his Biodynamics training. This interview offers great insight into the upcoming training at SFSOM.

  • Why am I still stuck in the same place?
  • Why can’t I find direction in my life?
  • How can I make transitions more easily?
  • Why is adapting to change so hard for me?
  • Why do I keep injuring my left (or right) side?
  • Why can’t I relax?

We have all gone through an embodiment journey – from being discarnate to incarnate, from being a single-celled entity to becoming a whole, living human being. During our embodiment journey, seminal patterns are established in utero and during birth, fundamentally shaping our being. These patterns become templates for relationships of all kinds, and literally shape our experience of life. They manifest in our body as nodal points of inertia or pain, in our psyche as neurotic relationships with ourselves and others, and in our spirit as the illusion of separateness from the Divine.

This method of teaching Pre & Perinatal Education, based on the developments of William Emerson Ph.D., Karlton Terry, Franklyn Sills, and others, lifts the cloak of invisibility off those patterns, helping you see for yourself the answers to your personal “Why’s?”

“When you get on the floor and put your body into a position simulating your prenatal descent into the birth canal, there’s no denying the somatic memories that arise. You suddenly know the truth of this work, because it’s coming from your own body and consciousness.” –Scott Zamurut, RCST®

Learn to heal others as you heal yourself. Resolving our pre & perinatal shock eliminates blind spots in our consciousness, allowing for greater awareness and deeper perception of ourselves, and our clients. This training process is designed for healing arts practitioners from a wide variety of disciplines, empowering you to work with the patterns you have long perceived in people’s psyches and bodies. In this process of learning, these patterns are revealed as deeply embedded fixations arising from specific stages of birth, most often from where challenges and trauma were encountered. Meeting these patterns with accurate empathy and compassionate presence is the basis for facilitating their resolution within the context of your healing practice.

Click here to read the article, “Integrating Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and Pre-and Perinatal Education: Observations From the Field” by Scott Zamurut, RCST®

The 2017 Training is specifically designed for practitioners and students of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. Future offerings will be available to broader audiences of healing arts practitioners.

The PPE Introductory Class is the required prerequisite for the PPE Foundation Training. The commitment to the Foundation Course is significant; this training incorporates a great deal of process work, emphasizing personal healing as the pathway to successful integration and practice of PPE in a therapeutic setting. The Intro class offers students an opportunity to experience the PPE environment prior to making a commitment to the full training.

The PPE Introductory course will provide a clear and concise overview of the four stages of birth. Each stage of birth is defined by the specific somatic patterns and movements that babies transition through during their birth, with parallel psychological and emotional imprinting, that can result in both positive and negative life patterns. Through our in-class exploration, you will learn to recognize these birth patterns in yourself and in your clients, in a healing container of wisdom, safety, and understanding.

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