Pre and Perinatal Education: Foundation Training

Pre & Perinatal Education (PPE) Foundation Training – An Overview

Taught by Scott Zamurut, RCST®

Classes will be held at the Santa Fe School of Massage in Santa Fe, NM

November 8, 2018 – June 16, 2019

The SFSOM PPE Foundation Training will provide each participant an exploration of human birth and its effects on body, emotions, and mind. During embryonic and fetal gestation, and through the entire birth process, the prenate has a sense of ‘self’ in relationship with the environments of the womb and mom’s life. Various prenatal, birth, and neonatal events can be experienced as challenging and traumatic, creating patterns of confusion that become templates for how we live and experience our lives. The PPE process looks closely at the biology of prenatal life and birth in a well-paced, defined curriculum illuminating the key biological moments and events.

The Foundation training is designed as a series of four sequential modules to explore the experiences and outcomes of each stage of the birth process. Our classes are based on the groundbreaking work of William Emerson, Ph.D., Franklyn Sills, Karlton Terry, and others, correlating a baby’s physical transition through the birth canal with somatic and psychological imprinting a baby undergoes during birth. Emerson and Terry created a sophisticated set of psycho-somatic explorations for learning the details of the birth process through an immersive experience.

Obstetrical (OB) care is “of or relating to the care and treatment of women in childbirth and during the period before and after delivery”. In the obstetric world, the birth process is described from the perspective of the obstetrician, offering an external view of mom and the experiences that she faces. In the PPE world we change the focus to the baby’s experience exploring four distinct phases a baby goes through to be born, each characterized by unique somatic and psycho-emotional characteristics.

Your Experience as a Participant

The Foundation training is an immersive experience: learning comes through your experience as a facilitator of the healing process with your peers, and through the exploration of your own story of birth. This opens the opportunity to resolve some of the held birth shock that may have shaped and limited your potential as a human being.

To truly engage with birth as a healing arts practitioner means going beyond learning about birth from a cognitive perspective. In the PPE Foundation learning occurs experientially, allowing the clarity of application to come through your personal healing process. Utilizing simple practices, you will have the opportunity to understand what happened to you during your prenatal life and birth and the impact to your life. The psycho-somatic explorations at the core of the experiential dimension of the training are carefully choreographed re-enactments of the four somatic stages of birth. By engaging in these re-enactments, what you discover through your bodily experience promotes healing in body, mind, emotion, and spirit through resolution of held birth shock.

A unique feature of this training is the limited size of the training group, combined with an experienced teaching team. Creating a depth of safety, containment, and personalized interaction, this course container is designed to optimize your learning and personal journey. After this Foundation training, practitioners have been able to successfully integrate this healing process into their existing somatic healing arts and psychology practices. The embodied learning process of the training allows you to bring the capacity for healing birth trauma to all of your clients as a natural extension of what you already offer as a practitioner.

Our PPE Foundation training is the only course of its kind in North America with this trifold focus:

  • To become intimate with the four stages of birth and their variants, encompassing the somatic, emotional, psychological, and spiritual dimensions. Each birth stage is explored in an individual course module, providing ample time for discovery, reflection, and integration.
  • Learn how to facilitate an individual through a therapeutic re-enactment of their birth and facilitate the resolution of held shock still present from birth.
  • You will be afforded ample opportunity to recognize, process, and resolve your own birth shock. Working through your whole birth in a well-contained and step-by-step process provides a titrated experience that avoids the bypassing of crucial healing details.

Resource Links

Learn more about the uniqueness of this PPE training approach in the article, “Integrating Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and Pre-and Perinatal Education: Observations From the Field” by Scott Zamurut, RCST®.

In the following Craniosacral Podcast interview Scott Zamurut describes the interface between the Santa Fe School of Massage’s Pre and Perinatal Education and Biodynamics trainings. For added insight into the upcoming PPE training, listen at:

In this new Craniosacral Podcast, you can hear Scott teaching about the origins of PPE work, discuss different types of shock states we work to heal, and give an overview of the four stages of birth. The podcast also contains interviews with students from a previous Intro class, and a couple of Scott’s teaching assistants sharing their experiences. There are 3.5 hours of material here; listen to it in pieces to get the full benefit!

Prerequisite: One three-day PPE Introductory Course  with Scott Zamurut (offered on June 22-24,
or Aug 31-Sept 2,2018).   Please note that the commitment to the Foundation Course is significant, and this training/personal healing process has a different tone and tenor than other courses with which people are familiar. The Intro class offers students an opportunity to experience the PPE process prior to making a commitment to the full training.

Pre and Perinatal Education: Foundation Training Modules

Stage One: Meeting Obstacles. The first stage includes pre-labor considerations, along with the process of descending into the pelvic inlet. This stage ends when contact with mom’s pelvic bones prevents continued forward motion. The key theme of this stage involves the meeting of obstacles, somatically and psychologically, and the ways in which we become stuck in life.  November 8 – 11, 2018

Stage Two: Finding Inner Direction. This stage begins when we recognize the need to shift the dynamic of our own birth by turning our head to find a successful pathway through the birth canal. By initiating a change in direction we go from being a passive to an active agent in our birth, a significant event that plays out daily in our life after we are born. The manner in which we find direction and negotiate our own path is the focus of this module.  January 24 – 27, 2019

Stage Three: The Final Push. Finding our direction, and then following our wisdom out into the world sets the tone for this stage. Once we find our heading, we have the opportunity to follow our own initiative through to completion. Exploring the continuity of this experience, and the first encounters we have with the outside world, are the focal points of this module. April 11 – 14, 2019

Stage Four: Successful Completions. Entering a new world, a new realm of existence as a biological being, and the manner in which we are greeted at birth all offer a deep imprint for our journey through life. This module focuses on the meta-theme of completion, with specific attention given to the challenges and opportunities of how we were and are received in the world. June 13 – 16, 2019

Note: Not everyone enters the world via a head-first birth. We also teach the dynamics of breach and caesarian section births, tailoring specific processes to support participants who were born in a variety of ways.

Tuition: $3200
*can be paid in $800 installments per module
*Students must commit to the entire program.


Please call the school to find out how to register  (505) 982-8398

Instructor: Scott Zamurut, RCST® has been a student, practitioner, and teacher of bodywork since 1988. He began his studies of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy with Franklyn Sills in 1992, and has been teaching this healing art since 1994. He also has extensive training, practitioner experience, and teaching experience in Pre- and Perinatal Education (PPE), in the lineage of William Emerson, Ph.D.

Scott’s rigorous, spirited, and hands-on classroom style is a result of over 25 years of observation, practice, study, and the training of both practitioners and new teachers.He has been teaching Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy at the Santa Fe School of Massage (SFSOM) since 2012, where he offers an immersive practitioner training. In 2017 Scott added Pre- and Perinatal Education to his course offerings at SFSOM.