Neuromuscular Therapy: Pelvic Rotations

Saturday will introduce the concept of pelvic rotation and tilt, starting with the posterior tilt/rotation.  The morning will include a review of the musculature and medical conditions possible with this distortion.  The afternoon will cover the treatment protocol, with lots of practice time.  Sunday will address the anterior pelvic tilt/rotation, using the same teaching techniques.

Participant Requirements:
1. Bring (or wear) a fitness tank top and athletic shorts for draping during participant practice sessions.
2.  All other class materials provided.

Kathleen-Lesh-Smith-150x150Instructor: Kathleen Lesh Smith, LMT, RMTI #I-0459, CNMT, PTA is a well-loved Anatomy/Kinesiology instructor at SFSOM. She has had over 250 hours of training in Neuromuscular Therapy and was certified (C.N.M.T.) by the Southeastern School of Neuromuscular Therapy of Charleston, South Carolina in 1999.  She has been teaching Neuromuscular Therapy classes since 2000, and here in New Mexico, since 2011. Her classes are infused with the enthusiasm she brings to all of her teaching but especially to her therapeutic field of study – Neuromuscular Therapy!

Neuromuscular Therapy: Pelvic Rotations 7/6-7/7/19
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