Graduate Clinic

We are happy to announce that Grad Clinic is in session!

Receive a 50 minute massage from a Licensed Massage Therapist for a Sliding Scale fee of $35-55.

Appointments available Monday and Tuesday evenings, and Friday during the day.

See Grads below and contact them directly to make an appointment.

You may also call the school to make an appointment: 505-982-8398 (The school cannot make appointments via email; please call us.)


Jennifer Berger NM Temporary Massage License #5411

Jennifer Berger has always enjoyed a healthy and active lifestyle. She believes massage therapy is an integral part of one’s health and wellness routine. Jennifer is excited to work with clients and offers gentle and effective techniques to help relieve tension and stiffness while promoting relaxation. She is passionate about helping people and has a very caring and professional presence. Her other passions include animals, horseback riding, the outdoors, and learning.

​Heather Bradley, NM Temporary Massage License #5410


Heather Bradley has been working with her hands for 21 years.  She is an artist whose work involves using a potter’s wheel to form clay into elegant shapes. Heather has also been an athlete and a yogi for much of her life. Santa Fe School of Massage has helped her to integrate her creativity and sensitivity with her desire to help people feel comfortable in their own skin and have less pain in their body. Heather offers a nurturing, therapeutic massage filled with presence and compassion.

​Annie Garcia Campos​ NM Temporary Massage License #5408​

Annie, an ambitious young therapist, not only has a firm understanding of the body’s anatomy, but she is also passionate about the body’s innate knowledge and its ability to heal. Growing up an athlete, she learned the importance of taking care of one’s own body. Her traumatic experiences through injuries and surgeries sent her on a journey of healing, intuition, and self-care. She became inspired to help others find balance and healing within. Through her studies at Santa Fe School of Massage, she gained the confidence and honed her intuitive skill of therapeutic massage, allowing her clients to unwind and let go.

Omar Corona-Rivas NM Temporary Massage License #5413

Omar discovered the powerful laying ​on of ​hands effect at very early age, ​and ​since then he ha​s​ been witnessing the healing quality of touch. He is carrying two generations of natural healing practice. Omar likes to help people, trying to be available on time and to listen. Many people who have work​ed with him​ and know him very close refer ​to ​him as an Angel because he ha​s ​the tact to approach and to solve situations​.​ ​B​​ut​ he’s still looking for enlightenment and now he is practicing the coherence, living in the present and and enjoying ​eve​r​y ​instant of his life. Come and discover through his therapeutic practice how he can help your body to release and let go. Find out if this the right channel for you to heal.

Nora Davidson, NM Temporary Massage License #5415

Nora grew up in the Texas desert near Big Bend National Park. She studied theatre and speech pathology at the University of Texas in Austin. While in college, she discovered her adventurous spirit, and spent the first years after graduation biking across the country and living and traveling in South America. She moved to Santa Fe to attend the Santa Fe School of Massage, and has fallen in love with Northern New Mexico! In her practice she is seeking to use her knowledge and sensitivity to help people find calm and completeness in their bodies. Her goal is to offer injury alleviation while creating space for relaxation and relief from the stressors of life. She would like to further explore energy work, medical and oncology massage, and working with differently abled individuals. If you want to receive work from her, she would love to hear from you.

Rebecca M. Jacobs​, LMT #8681

Becca strives towards a relaxing and therapeutic outcome for each client. With her thoughtful and adaptable massage style, she is able to address each client’s specific needs by listening to their body and allowing them to guide her. Having always been an empath, Becca has learned how to use her hyper-sensitivity towards others in an effective, ethical, and beneficial manner. Through massage, she hopes to bring about a greater awareness between the client’s mind, body, and spirit. Becca’s overall intention is to create a safe and compassionate space for each client to liberate themselves from negative thoughts and from life’s many stressors. Through her warm and thoughtful touch, she hopes to create a greater sense of well being, empowerment, and confidence in each client she has the honor to treat.